Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 29.04

It was wonderful to welcome all our students back after the Term 2 holiday. Everybody seemed to have had a good break, apart from our older students who are busily preparing for IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations

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  • BIS Hanoi secondary students
  • BIS Hanoi secondary students
  • BIS Hanoi secondary students
  • BIS Hanoi secondary students

Many of these students will be taking study leave from this week onwards to prepare for these assessments. Some have opted to study at home whilst others have opted to come to school and study here. Each student and family have opted for what works for them personally in order to prepare themselves as best they can for these important examinations. Regardless of the form of study leave that a student has chosen, the school and staff will always be available to them in order to support them during this important time.

It promises to be busy final term for us with many activities planned as well as a lot of exciting productive learning. Some students in Secondary will undertake formal internal examinations aimed at measuring what they have learnt this year but also to prepare them for future external examinations such as IGCSE and IBDP.

As well as reading our Hub, please do not forget to visit our Facebook page as it contains a great deal of detailed information about the daily life of the school.

I do hope that you have a wonderful long weekend celebrating Reunification Day and Labour Day and we look forward to welcoming the students back to school next Wednesday.


Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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