Primary Aide Memoire superheroes!

You may remember an exciting announcement made recently about the winning children in Primary who designed a superhero to represent one of the characteristics in our Aide Memoire.

Well now we can reveal our Primary Aide Memoire superheroes! Watch this film to meet them…


A huge well done to our designers:

- Minh Anh in 6I who designed Indiana Integrity
- Allen in 4B who designed Respectagain
- Hyun Seo in 2I who designed Captain Care
- Min Kyo in 1B who designed Questionator
- Linh Nhi in 6B who designed Reflection Rebecca
- Amelia in 3I who designed Poppy Perseverance

We hope that these superheroes will help the younger members of our school remember the important characteristics that we value at BIS Hanoi.

This term, children in Primary will be learning more about ‘Respect’ and getting to know the superhero ‘Respectagain’!

Alice Cust-Hughes - Primary PSHE Leader


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