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Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 27.5

  • British International School Hanoi
  • British International School Hanoi - Paul Blackthorne save the rhino vietnam
  • British International School Hanoi save the rhino vietnam
  • British International School Hanoi Xa Dan Community service
  • British International School Hanoi Xa Dan Community service
  • British International School Hanoi Xa Dan Community service
  • British International School Hanoi SOS Village Community Service
  • British International School Hanoi green day
  • British International School Hanoi fine dining

Our famous guests promote ‘Save the Rhino’

This week we were very lucky to receive two famous guests here at BIS: Paul Blackthorne, a British actor renowned for his current role as Captain Lance in the American series, Arrow; Xuan Bac, the famous Vietnamese comedian. They both spoke to students in Year 6 to Year 9 about a very important subject, the plight of the rhino.
Rhinos have been extinct in Vietnam for less than 10 years now and if the killing of rhinos, for their horns continues, it is predicted that they will become extinct worldwide within the next decade. With evidence suggesting that 90% of all rhino horn is imported into Vietnam, our students were given a serious and heart-felt message about how we should say ‘no’ to rhino horn. 

Several students and staff members were moved following the presentations. Here are some of feelings from Year 6 students:

I enjoyed the presentation and was excited about Paul Blackthorne but I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw Xuan Bac! After Paul’s presentation, I was not only happy because he’s an Arsenal fan, but I was also happy because he cares. When Xuan Bac was talking, I felt that he was quite right about how if we wanted to protect ourselves, we have to protect the world around us too. After that afternoon, I really wanted to tell someone who had bought rhino horns that they are (excuse the language) stupid and that they’re supporting terrorism.

Gia Phuc 

Yesterday’s presentations from Xuan Bac and Paul Blackthorne were very inspirational. It made me think about how rhinos have gone from nearly 1 million rhinos to just 30,000 now. People have gained a lot of money from this, but killing rhinos and taking their ivory does nothing good. The worst part was that whether or not the rhino is dead, they take the horn. People are being conned into buying rhino horns. I promise to never buy rhino horns and will help spread the word.


Year 6 children have put together a video to help spread the word, ‘Say No to Rhino Horn!’

Thank you to ENV (Education for Nature in Vietnam) and Mr. Kevin Halpin (our BIS Community Services Officer) for organising the visit. Raising awareness of real issues helps us all to become better global citizens, learning together.

Year 5 link with Xa Dan School

Mr Adam’s class was amazing on Monday as they welcomed our guests from Xa Dan School for deaf and mute children. The Year 5 children had prepared 4 activities in the Sports Hall, including running relays, a hitting activity with badminton racquets, a javelin competition and a parachute game. All teachers and teaching assistants were delighted with the care and respect our children showed as they partnered themselves with a new friend and led them around the games, ensuring that they modeled each activity very carefully. Thank you to Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Kevin Halpin for organizing this community link. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two schools in which we all learn together.

Green Day

Please don’t forget that next Friday is Green Day! Children should bring recyclable materials into school and wear green for the day.

Congratulations to our fine diners this week:
-    Thanh Tung 4I
-    An Duy 4I
-    Bao Phuc 5I
-    Nhat Minh 5I
-    Phuong Linh 5B
-    Bao Linh 5B

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary

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