Save The Rhino Vietnam

British actor Paul Blackthorne who plays Captain Lance in the award winning American TV series ‘Arrow’ visited the British International School, Hanoi to talk to our students about a very important subject on animal awareness. It was a wonderful event; Paul who’s passion for saving the rhino’s not only enthused our students but teachers and staff also. Vietnamese comedian Xaun Bac also talked about this issue and re-enforced the message that rhino horn is made of Keratin, the same as our own hair and fingernails and helped to dispel the misconception that it has any medical benefits. It is sad to know that 90% of the demand for rhino horn is here in Vietnam, we have already lost the last rhino from Vietnam in 2010. If we continue to do nothing, then at the current rate the rhino will be extinct in the wild within 10 years, so Vietnam we can make a difference and save the rhino!



Please watch and share the video to show that we care and help our students pass on the message: Say “NO” to rhino horn - If we stop the demand - it will stop the killing and we can save these magnificent creatures.



Mr. Kevin Halpin, Community Service Manager

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