Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 06.05

Although it has been quite a short week, much has been achieved. In Secondary, the IGCSE/A Level examinations are well underway and being run efficiently. 

  • British International School Hanoi - Secondary students
  • British International School Hanoi- year 3 sleepover
  • British International School Hanoi- year 3 sleepover

The students I have spoken to about their exams have been relatively positive about how things are going but with the usual doubts regarding their performance, which is quite natural. I do firmly believe that all students involved with these examinations are all well focused and prepared and will give their utmost to succeed.

In the Primary School, our Year 3 students had their sleepover at school. They were all very excited, as were the teachers! They had some exciting activities planned for the evening before they finally went to sleep. On waking up this morning, they had a hearty breakfast cooked for them by some of the teachers, before going back to their Year 3 classrooms to reflect on their sleepover with related creative activities throughout the day.

Next week, our ECA Programme will commence and, as always, large numbers of activities will be offered to students of all ages. Our staff contribute a great deal to this programme and it is expertly coordinated by Mr. Mark Atkinson who, in turn, is supported so well by Ms. Diep. Additionally, next week is Science week in the Primary school with a large number of Science related activities going on each day. Science is an important and exciting subject which we recognise as being a very important subject at BIS Hanoi.

I do hope that you all have a most wonderful weekend.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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