Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 06.05.2016

I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend. As I mentioned last week we had a variety of students in school on Tuesday (including all of Year 11) starting their written examinations. 

  • Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 06052016

It was a very peaceful way to start the examinations as the school was very quiet with only the students and a few key staff in for the day. We also had an inspector from the University of Cambridge visit us in the afternoon. As part of our relationship with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) we are required to have certain standards on how we run the examinations and they periodically send people from the UK to check this. Our inspector was very pleased. It is really important for our students that CIE maintain their reputation for quality examinations so we are really happy to see CIE check schools to ensure we all follow the rules.

We had a very successful swimming gala this week in school. Many thanks to all supporters, swimmers and staff for helping make the event happen.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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