Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 17.06

  • BIS Hanoi Sue 17.06
  • BIS Hanoi Sue 17.06

Dear Parents,

Today’s assembly was all about Year 6 who shared many of their memories of BIS with us all. Some talked about their experience of joining BIS as a new child and how their anxieties were soon quashed as they made new friends and became part of our school community. Others shared their musical talents or talked about their sporting achievements and some bravely admitted that they couldn’t speak English at the beginning of the year; now there’s no stopping them!

This prompted me to share my own personal reflections of our current Year 6. I visited BIS Hanoi in May 2015. As well as visiting classrooms, I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the assembly in which Year 5 were performing. Those very children were standing confidently in front of the assembly this morning. I was impressed on my first visit and today, was even more proud. These children have not just achieved academic success but hey are true role models for others in the school. The characteristics of the Aide Memoire are demonstrated in our oldest members of the Primary school who are reflective enquirers with a thirst for learning. I have seen many acts of kindness where their caring, respectful nature has shone and true perseverance when things have got tough. Yes, Year 6, you are a credit to our school and are ready to move to the challenges of Secondary School. I wish you all the very best for next year and look forward to seeing you all flourish.

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary
Congratulations to our fine diners this week:

- Trung Đuc 3B

- Tri Anh 3B

- Linh Lan 4I

- Bao Ngan 4I

- Seo Yeon 5I

- Davin 5B

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