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BIS Hanoi is proud to announce its Vision Pyramid. This has been created by the school to adopt the Nord Anglia Vision “Be Ambitious” as our own. We have carefully integrated the school’s Mission Statement and the Aide Memoire into our Vision Pyramid as well as ensuring it embraces our school community.

The pyramid, importantly, starts at the base with attributes of the 5 key components/stakeholders that make up our school including our parents. You will note that we have students and staff having  (almost) the same  attributes which we felt was  very important. The next level of the Pyramid shows  NAE components that come into and are part of  the school. The following  level shows our mission with  three key statements that embrace our Aide Memoire: 

  • A school where Integrity, care and respect lie at its core
  • A school where each person learns through enquiry, perseverance and reflection aiming high to make excellence a habit
  • Global citizens who are enthralled by learning together to build a deeper understanding of the world

Then we have the NAE Approach and, finally, our vision “Be Ambitious”. During the coming year we will look at all the community’s  expertise and enthusiasm to ensure that our Vision Pyramid underpins the life and soul of BIS Hanoi.

Indeed, only this week, at our first challenge day (Maths)  we clearly saw our Be Ambitious vision in action. It was ambitious to create a situation where students from Primary and Secondary worked together in house teams to solve mathematical problems using  the theme of Motor Bikes – very apt for Hanoi! Over the last 20 years before coming to BIS Hanoi I had worked in two quality International schools with students from F1 to Y13. During all that time I  had never seen such  purposeful interaction between Primary and Secondary students  as  I experienced last Tuesday. To see, for example, a Y13 student working with a Y3 student to solve various puzzles was a very uplifting experience for  me and this was not just for 10 minutes but for the whole day. The level of care and respect between the younger and older students was something quite special  which, once again, confirms to me what a special whole school BIS Hanoi really is.

I hope that you all have a wonderful  weekend and  always “Be Ambitious”.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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