Maths Challenge Day at BIS Hanoi

  • British International School Hanoi - Math Day
  • British International School Hanoi - Math Day
  • BIS Hanoi Maths Day 1
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day
  • British International School Hanoi
  • BIS Hanoi Maths Day 4
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day
  • BIS Hanoi Maths Day 9
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day
  • British International School Hanoi - Maths Day

Dear Parents,

Our first whole school challenge day happened this week. ‘Top Trump Tuesday’ was not only a busy, exciting day with a maths focus; it was a chance for all of our students to learn together.

Children arrived at school to find a motorbike inside their classroom which immediately created a buzz and lots of excellent questions were raised. They were then ushered to the Auditorium where children from Foundation Stage 1 upwards were addressed by Mr. Adams and Mr. Kennedy, our Primary Maths Leader and Head of Secondary Maths. Wearing a helmet and seated on a motorbike, Mr Adams described the day ahead which centered on the theme of the game Top Trumps. The challenge was set: each team had to get as many stars for their Top Trump cards as possible and the way to earn the stars was to complete lots of maths problems.

I was entrusted with the important task of delivering Moto Maths Mayhem cards to each team. On the cards was a selection of fun activities, for example to make a human motorbike or make a video capturing the team showing integrity. Other cards awarded stars for caring behaviour or removed stars for speeding or failing to wear a helmet.
The day ended with a whole school motorbike skills session with staff representatives from Saigon, Hanoi, Hue and Dalat taking turns to drive around a chicane in the outdoor paved area. Amazing skills were seen, especially by Ms. Hai who was the overall winner for Saigon. A cycle race followed with Mr Westropp taking first place, again for Saigon. These points were added to the Top Trump Cards.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Adams and Mr. Kennedy for organizing this spectacular event. The Secondary students were also amazing as they showing a caring attitude and perseverance in helping our younger students learn more maths and complete their questions.

Maths Challenge Day is now over, however staff are now working on the next big curriculum focus week which is our annual Book Week. You should have received a letter from Ms. Hughes this week, providing lots of information about our planned activities. To summarise, the dates that parents are invited into school are as follows:

  • 3rd October: Ciaran Murtagh (our visiting author) is delivering workshops for children at 8:50 am in the EYC and 9:40am in the Auditorium
  • 7th October: parents are invited to our celebration of Book Week at 9:40am in the Auditorium. Coffee will be available in the Parent Meeting Room from 8:30am

The theme of our Book Week is Superheroes and we will be busy creating our own books about our own BIS Superheroes during Book Week. If any parents would like to write stories, either in their own language or English, then we would love to read them! 

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary


Congratulations to our fine diners this week:

-    Amantia 6S

-    Minh Quyen 5B

-    Sophy 6B

-    Allen 5S

-    Duc Hung 5B

-    Brian 5S

-    Julia 6B

-    Katherine 6S

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