BIS Hanoi Secondary students strive to solve gender inequality

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This morning, on Tuesday 27th September, BIS welcomed Ms Cherry Gough to school to give a talk to our secondary students about the issue of gender inequality.  Ms Gough is the Director of the British Council here in Vietnam and has enjoyed a colourful career not only in Vietnam but in other countries around the world. The students are looking at gender inequality as this is the UN’s focus for 2016 as part of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiative.  After the talk students returned to their tutor groups and began working on projects to promote this very important issue.  Mr Forster and Mr Schofield of the Geography department then took Ms Gough on a tour of the secondary school to visit the students in class where they had an opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions on gender inequality. The Geography department would like to put their thanks on record to Ms Gough for giving up time in her busy schedule to visit BIS and speak about this year’s SDG. The UN has encouraged schools around the world to highlight the SDGs through ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ which can be found here: 

James Forster, Geography & ESS Teacher

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