A New Hope: A BIS Hanoi Story

Much like the rebels of the Star Wars space saga, the teachers of the British International School Hanoi returned for training on the 3rd of January and were full of enthusiasm for the school’s future. We held several meetings where we evaluated the school’s current strengths and agreed areas where we can be even better in 2017. There was no darkside only brightness.

  • British International School Hanoi

It will be an exciting year. We will welcome the Council of International Schools who will confirm the progress we have made so far and help us to refine our future development. The majority of our Key Stage 4 students will qualify for International Awards. Year 12 and Year 10 students will visit Tanzania to continue the charitable work that our school initiated in 2016. Our Under 13 selected athletes will compete in the FOBISIA games. Meanwhile, all of our students will dedicate themselves to making excellent academic progress.

To facilitate this, the senior leadership team are going to review how we assess pupil progress. We are determined to find a pupil friendly system that students find easy to understand. The senior leadership team have also initiated further training into English language teaching, a process that will result in our students getting even better support as they gain mastery of the language of English and the curriculum of Maths, Science and the Arts.

We are full of optimism for the future and we invite parents to support our every effort to become the school of choice in Hanoi.

Happy New Year!

Tim Webb, Head of Secondary

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