Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 24.03

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For personal reasons I am in the UK this week and on the 'outside' looking in at British International School Hanoi. As I continuously look for news in our Hub, Facebook Page and through Twitter it does amaze me what we are currently doing. I have been absolutely thrilled with the achievements of our sports teams at the U13 FOBISIA Games, FOBISIA Golf and the HAC Football tournament, all of which took place over the last two weeks. We experienced tremendous success in these events due to our talented students and the hard work they put in along with the support of our dedicated staff. I would like to congratulate the BIS Lionhearts on these outstanding individual and team performances.

The IBDP is now becoming well established at the school and at the heart of this wonderful programme is the Community, Action, Service (CAS) element. Over the past week some of our Y12 students have been in Tanzania whilst others have been in Mai Chau taking ‘Action’ and doing some excellent ‘Community’ and ‘Service’ in order to support others less fortunate that themselves. The photographs I have seen and the accounts I have read clearly show the dedication and perseverance of our students and staff. On top of this, we have a group of younger students embarking on their DoEIA Bronze Award Hike which again is such a successful programme at the school.

I am looking forward to returning to Hanoi next week to once again be on the inside of this wonderful community.

I do hope that you all have a most pleasant weekend.

Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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