BIS Hanoi students break pizza eating record!

  • BIS Hanoi  Assembly
  • BIS Hanoi  Assembly
  • BIS Hanoi  Assembly

Dear Parents

The term came to a close with an enjoyable celebration of school spirit. Students from Year 10 and 12, who have been away on the Mai Chau and Tanzania service trips, returned at the beginning of the week and revived us all with their energy and enthusiasm. Students whose behaviour records have been exemplary devoured an extraordinary number of pizzas on Thursday lunchtime suggesting there is a correlation between a shared appetite for school and a Hawaiian deep crust.

There was further celebration in today’s assembly, when Mr Rowlands presented the Principal’s Awards to a student from each year group, whose demonstration of perseverance and integrity has been outstanding. We rounded off a fabulous term with full participation in House sporting events.

Students of Key Stage 4 and 5

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday. We encourage Year 11 and Year 13 students to balance their time carefully, as the holiday offers these students an ideal opportunity to identify any remaining areas of misunderstanding or weakness prior to their final exams. After the break, they can then use the final couple of weeks of school to work with their teachers to resolve specific difficulties before entering the study leave period (from Monday 1 May).

Year 10 and Year 12 students should enjoy the break fully, as they will have to begin preparing for the next round of Progress Check Tests early in term 3a. They worked hard for the last set of exams; the holiday is a good time for the children to recharge their batteries.

Tim Webb, Head of Secondary

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