It has been a very positive first week of Term

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It has been a very positive first week of Term at British International School Hanoi. Our students and staff have returned enthused and are ready to face the final term of the year with a lot of energy. Our Year 11 and Year 13 students will be going on various forms of study leave over the next few weeks to prepare for their IGCSE and A Level examinations. Some will be in school every day, others will prepare at home and come to school for their examinations whilst another group will be doing a mix of both. We find that our students like to prepare in their own individual ways and that study leave at home is more suitable for some and being in school for others.

Next week we are hosting an Accreditation visit by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) who are the two leading bodies that represent schools globally. We are already members of both associations and over the last 18 months we have been undertaking a self-study process looking at all areas of the school and how they measure up against the standards of these two organisations. Areas of the school that cover the self-study and the accreditation visit are:

-    School Guiding Statements (Vision and Mission)
-    Teaching and Learning
-    Governance and Leadership
-    Faculty and Support Staff
-    Access to Teaching and Learning
-    School Culture and Partnerships for Learning
-    Operating Systems

The accreditation team have seen our self-study report and other documentation. They will spend next week at the school in order to learn more about us whilst spending time with various members of the school community.

I do hope that you have a very relaxing weekend.

Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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