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BIS Hanoi students became teachers!

  • British International School Hanoi Year 8 teach your parent
  • British International School Hanoi
  • British International School Hanoi
  • British International School Hanoi
  • British International School Hanoi
  • British International School Hanoi Year 8 teach your parent

What a great pleasure it was to take part in the Year 8 ‘Teach your Parents’ afternoon held at the school this week. The event was a really innovative way for students to show their parents how and what they are being taught in school. Year 8 students were spread out in classrooms/areas throughout the Secondary school that covered all the subjects they were being taught. The students became teachers and taught the adults visiting their areas. My first experience was in a Science Laboratory where I had to  investigate different liquids and how these reacted with each other. I did not succeed the first time but that is what science is all about and I persevered, learnt from my mistakes and, to some extent, met with a degree of success. I then went on to our sports field where I was upskilled by  two excellent students in learning to throw a discus. The two students were very articulate at explaining the different techniques and skills required. Apparently mine was the second best throw of the afternoon!  Next, after my discus success, it was on to the Sports Hall where, again, I was expertly taught the skills required to make a ‘jump shot’ in basketball. I could not quite eclipse Michael Jordan as I did not get many shots into the  basket  but many were very close! Finally on to our Art classrooms where students were busily and creatively teaching parents the skills and joys of Aboriginal Art. It was a wonderful afternoon and over 70 parents attended the event. The students were magnificent as they transformed into teachers and adults became rather good students as well. Well done, Year 8 and thank you to all the teachers and staff who made this outstanding  event possible. It is events like these that make British International School Hanoi a very special place.

I do hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Anthony Rowlands, Principal


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