Traffic Management Around the School

  • British International School Hanoi

Dear Parents,

I would like to inform you that in conjunction with Vinhomes we are making a change to the management of traffic around the school from Wednesday, 10th May onwards. We are creating a ‘one way system’ around the school. Therefore all cars are requested to enter into and travel along Hoa Lan road and Hoa Phượng road in order to reach Gate B. Therefore, Hoa Phuong Road will become one-way from 08.00 - 08.40 every morning. For departure from school Hoa Phuong Road will be one way between 14.45 - 15.30 each day and also between 15.50 and 16.20 on ECA Days (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). To confirm that Gate B will still remain the drop off and pick up points for all cars whilst Gate A remains for school buses only.

A map of the school is attached to this email and the direction that traffic should travel is indicated by the bold red line around the school.

We will closely monitor how this system works over the next few weeks.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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