We are excited about Green Week at BIS Hanoi!

  • The Peace Lily

Dear Parents,

I have just finished caring for my peace lily in preparation for the Green Week festivities which are taking place from Monday to Friday of next week. Here’s just a small sample of some of the activities that students and staff will be enjoying.

The whole school community is participating in a lily growing competition, which is teaching us about the value of plants for our personal wellbeing. Green Week will also feature lots of cross-school links including our Secondary Science and Geography teachers delivering lessons to the primary school children. They will be teaching them about soil pollution and the danger that plastic bottles present to the ocean’s ecosystem.

We are all being encouraged to film our commitment to a greener lifestyle. I am going to stop using my hairdryer in the mornings! The week will culminate in a special assembly, a “green themed” non-uniform Friday and a meat free canteen day. The story of reducing meat consumption, and its positive impact on the environment is a fascinating one, so ask your children to share it with you.

It promises to be another extraordinary week at British International School Hanoi.

Tim Webb, Head of Secondary.

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