What is the purpose of the transition period?

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  • British International School Hanoi| Transition
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Throughout Term 3 we have been working with students across the school on their upcoming periods of transition. For those moving from Primary to Secondary, or across Key Stages, the prospect of the new challenges that await can be daunting. The purpose of this transition period is to make all students feel comfortable in their new environment and prepare for the journey that awaits.  

Students have been given the chance to experience what life will be like within their new Key Stage via activities such as transition lunches, assemblies and taster days. They have also had the opportunity to ask questions of current students in order to get ‘real life’ answers. The answers have been open and honest, both about the challenges and the highlights that students should expect when they return.  

Students should take time over the break to reflect on their successes of the past year and consider the ways they can utilise these when working with a new group of teachers and students next year. Particularly for students transitioning from Year 6 into Year 7, they should consider the impact of independence and organisation and how they are going to bring these skills back to school with them in August. 

We wish everyone a wonderful, relaxing summer break and look forward to seeing you back at school in the new term- refreshed and ready to take on the learning that awaits! 

Mrs Wild & Mr Westropp, Head of Years 7-8-9 & Head of Year 10-11

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