Our Vision

  • British International School Hanoi Vision

BIS Hanoi is proud to announce its Vision Pyramid. This has been created by the school to adopt  the Nord Anglia Vision “Be Ambitious” as our own. We have carefully integrated the school’s Mission Statement and the Aide Memoire into our Vision Pyramid as well as ensuring it embraces our school community.

The pyramid, importantly,  starts at the foundation with attributes of the 5 key components/stakeholders that make up our school. You will note that we have students and staff having  (almost) the same  attributes which we felt was  very important. The next level of the Pyramid shows  NAE components that come into and are part of  the school. The next level shows our mission with three key statements that embraces our Aide Memoire:

•    A School where Integrity, care and respect lie at its core
•    A school where each person learns through enquiry, perseverance and reflection aiming high to make excellence a habit
•    Global citizens who are enthralled by learning together to build a deeper understanding of the world

Then we have the NAE Approach and finally our vision “Be Ambitious”.

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