Continued Professional Development

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Continued Professional Development for Teachers

The school wishes to:

Promote life-long learning
Further develop skills as effective teachers
Raise awareness towards a deeper understanding of teaching and learning
Keep abreast of educational developments and initiatives
Create a productive and positive school culture
Initiate and sustain school improvement
Encourage networking between colleagues in like-minded schools
Encourage a stable teaching staff and contract renewal

The school has a significant budget to support the Continued Professional Development of teachers in the following ways:

In-house Continued Professional Development

New Staff induction – At the beginning of each academic year for new teachers

Teacher Days – The school is open for 8 teacher days without students each academic year. A variety of educational activities are organized during this time including whole school or whole campus CPD. Some of these may involve the use of external CPD providers.

Lesson Observations – During the year, each teacher will be observed formally by a senior or middle manager. The purpose of these observations is to evaluate teachers’ performance and to offer, where necessary, suggestions for further skill development as well as to inform discussions about career development.

Weekly Professional Meetings – Throughout the year, specific areas may be identified for development and in-house expertise can be shared with colleagues. A time has been set aside each Tuesday after school during which workshops or information dissemination can take place.

Off-campus Continued Professional Development

The school often receives notification of formal CPD opportunities being offered in the region and will take advantage of them as appropriate. These usually fall into the following categories:

Other schools within the region who are seeking to share the cost of an external CPD provider or wish to share their own in-house expertise

An increasing number of private providers offering courses within the region

A Level/IGCSE/IPC regional courses

Advanced Qualifications

The school will support a limited number of teachers who wish to study towards advanced qualifications like an MA, MBA, NPQH. Applications should be made to the Principal.

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