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Learning Technology

  • British International School Hanoi - Learning technology

BIS Hanoi is committed to developing and integrating learning technologies not only within the classroom, but within the whole educational environment.  We manage to achieve this through our Virtual Learning Environment, through Google Apps online resource that enables students, teachers and parents to create, communicate and collaborate on a variety of assignments, activities and projects. This is just one part of our continued efforts towards supporting our students in Vietnam to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

BIS recognises that learning technologies are becoming a more and more prominent aspect of not just secondary and further education but the workplace too. By augmenting first class teaching with existing and upcoming technological advances we are able to provide our students with a media rich experience which prepares them for the challenges ahead.

In an international school it is more important than ever to bring students, teachers and families together in a safe and secure online environment where ideas and experiences can be shared that might otherwise go undetected. BIS provides an area where all aspects of a student’s development can be securely accessed and monitored to provide an increased level of transparency across their journey through the school.

Secondary School "Bring Your Own Device" Guidelines for Students

All secondary students are required to bring their own devices to each lesson. Guidance on the type of machine is contained in our booklet "Bring Your Own Device - A Guide for Students and Parents".

A few points to remember: 

  • Bring your device to every class - unless advised otherwise by your teacher
  • Make sure you start the day with a charged battery
  • You are responsible for your device - lock it in your locker when not in classes
  • You must follow the school's Internet Use Guidelines - you and your parents agree to these as part of your admission to the school
  • Your device must have a robust password - you are responsible for any internet access from your machine
  • Make sure work is backed up if this is not done automatically for you

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