Primary School Uniform

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Children should wear sensible black leather shoes or closed toed sandals, preferably without laces for the younger children. We do not allow novelty shoes with flashing lights, squeaking noises or shoes which have the roller ball facility. In addition to this, all children should wear either white, black or grey ankle high socks and all children with long hair should have it tied back with either a red, blue or maroon soft hair band. No bandana style head bands or hair accessories which include hard bobbles are to be worn. Hard Alice bands should not be worn. Parents should endeavour to use hair accessories which are based on school colours. If in doubt, please see your child’s class teacher.

Children should always wear school hats when they are outside to protect them from the sun. BIS Hanoi  has a ‘no hat – no play’ policy.

PE Kit / Swimming

Children must change into their PE kit for any physical activity and it is their responsibility to ensure it is in school for these sessions. They require sports shoes for outdoor PE. The class teacher will inform you of the PE timetable. Children will change back into school uniform after PE.

Winter Clothing

The school provides a fleece and pullover as part of its uniform and these should be worn with the above during the cooler months. Girls may wear black tights with their skirts/skorts during the cooler months if they wish.

We trust that parents and students will support this dress code by ensuring that only correct items are bought, that worn or frayed clothing is replaced and that students leave home appropriately dressed.

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