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Secondary School Uniform

  • British International School Hanoi secondary uniforms
  • British International School Hanoi secondary uniforms


School blouse – plain white with badge. Should be recently pressed or ironed.
Skirt – beige, school issue
Socks – plain white
Shoes – clean and polished black leather (no suede, trainers/sports shoes or thick soles – max 2cm)
Hair should be neat, clean and of a natural colour.
Make-up and/or nail varnish are not allowed.
Jewellery: small items will be allowed within reason. The Head of Secondary will decide whether what you are wearing is within the spirit of the rules, as a rule of thumb: one pair of plain earrings or studs; one plain ring; one plain necklace; bracelet-friendship bands within reason; no tattoos or body piercing.


School shirt – plain white with badge – worn tucked-in. Should be recently pressed or ironed.
Trousers – long beige trousers, worn at the waist and tailored so that the bottoms just cover the tops of the shoes or beige shorts (both school issue only).
Socks – plain white
Shoes – clean and polished black leather (no suede, trainers/sports shoes or sandals)
Belt – black leather
Hair should be neat, clean, not below the shirt collar and of a natural colour.
Boys are not allowed to wear jewellery.

PE and Drama

All students should have their House T-shirt, to be worn for House activities during the year.
Only school PE kit may be worn in PE lessons.
House T-shirts, or other appropriate clothing may be worn for PE Extra Curricular Activities.
Only approved Drama clothes should be worn during Drama lessons.
Students should not wear a mix of school uniform, PE Kit or Drama clothes or footwear at any time and should not change out of school uniform, including changing into trainers, before leaving school.

Winter Clothing

The school provides a fleece and pullover as part of its uniform and these should be worn with the above during the cooler months. Girls may wear black tights with their skirts/skorts during the cooler months if they wish.

We trust that parents and students will support this dress code by ensuring that only correct items are bought, that worn or frayed clothing is replaced and that students leave home appropriately dressed.

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