Student Safety

It is our priority that all students feel safe and secure at school.

Our school has a health and safety committee. Regular checks are made to ensure that the facilities and environment are safe for all who attend the school.

The purpose of gate control is to ensure the safety of children and staff at school as well as the protection of school buildings and property. Guards should be entirely satisfied that each person who enters the school grounds has a valid reason for doing so. At the end of the school day, students from our Primary section will only be allowed to leave the premises with an authorised adult who has the student’s swipe card.


BIS operates a strict ‘no smoking’ policy on campus.

Risk Assessment

All new off-campus trips and activities are subject to a full risk-assessment in advance.

First Aid

A large percentage of school staff are first aid trained. All residential trips are accompanied by a member of staff with up to date first aid certification. 

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