• Authentically International

    "International" is more than a label here. It is at the very core of everything we do and how we do it.

    nursery students learning languages through song @ British International School Washington

  • Transferable Curriculum

    A curriculum handpicked for its international focus and global recognition, culminating in the IB Program.

    Students at the British International School of Washington

  • Inspiring Each Other

    Our students will embrace your child with open arms. Our students inspire each other to succeed.

    students embracing at the British International School of Washington

  • Dedicated and Inspiring

    Our teachers are recruited for their ability to nurture lifelong learners and inspire excellence.

    Teacher and student at the British International School Washington

  • Your New Community

    We welcome you to our inclusive community. From day one you and your child will feel at home with us.

    excited students at the British International School of Washington

  • Every Day is Different

    Your child will experience something new every day. Find out what's happening and connect with each other.

    students on expedition at the British International School of Washington

  • Ask Anything

    Speaking directly with us is the best way to get your questions answered quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.

    teacher speaking with parents at the British International School of Washington

Mauricio Escobedo Arango

Mauricio Escobedo Arango

Logistics Manager and Exams Officer

In 2006 I joined Patina Group, a nationwide fine hospitality company that trained me into the professional I am today. While I worked there in the customer service area and in administrative capacity, I continued with my education in public administration with a concentration in human resources at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I also got a job as a part time administrative assistant at the Children’s Aid Society for the afterschool program. It was very challenging to balance both jobs and school yet this situation provided me with invaluable multitasking skills that later would prove very useful. My efforts and good performance rewarded me by becoming the hiring, operations, and staff manager at the Rockefeller Center unit.

On December 2011, I graduated with honors earning my bachelor’s degree. The following year and as one of the most significant achievements of my life, I became a proud American citizen and immediately began to seek employment with the Federal Government. Given the challenging and competitive job market, I decided to move to Washington, DC on January 2013 to seek employment opportunities.

On April 2013 I joined British International School of Washington. I was quickly embraced warmly by a team of remarkable people who have since taught me so much about the British education curriculum. I’m fascinated by the work and exemplary accomplishments that I see every day as this institution shapes the bright individuals of tomorrow. I was happy to be able to apply my strong administration background to this job of logistics manager that I know hold proudly.

I am a friendly and funny guy who enjoys making other people laugh or at least smile at the day. I enjoy a good conversation, a good meal, a good book, playing videogames (The Legend of Zelda games in particular), watching movies, and spending quality time with my family and friends.

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