British International School of Washington

Tuition Fees 2022–23

If you’re looking for a private school in Washington DC, you won’t find a school that provides a finer education at a competitive price. Below you will find the tuition fees for every year of study, helping you plan for the long term. You will also find further details on what the payments cover, registration fees and the different payment options available. We understand payment can be a complex process, and it’s our mission to make enrolling at the British International School of Washington as easy as possible for parents. For any more information, please contact our team.

At the British International School of Washington your school fees ensure your child will receive the best international education in a challenging and engaging learning environment. They won't just love coming to school, they'll be ready to take on the challenges ahead at university and in their career.

Year Group  Annual Tuition
Two Year Old Part Time  $15,975
Two Year Old Full Time  $27,462
Nursery & Reception  $30,233
Year 1–2  $32,481
Year 3–6  $33,200
Year 7–9  $36,685
Year 10–11  $38,060
Year 12–13  $38,871

Mid-year enrollment for 2022–23 will pay pro-rated tuition based on our 2022–23 tuition schedule. Please contact admissions for more details.

Items covered by BISW Tuition Fees:

  • Teaching: Classroom instruction, supervision, and in-school workshops
  • Lunch meal plan: an entree, two sides, a dessert, and a drink
  • Assessment costs (e.g., IB Diploma examinations, IGCSEs, or Cognitive Ability Test)
  • Supplies and resources: Exercise books; the loan of textbooks, supplies, educational materials, and documentation; 1-1 access to iPads for Years 3–6 in-school and 1-1 tablet or laptop access in-school for Years 7–13; subscriptions and educational memberships; the yearbook; PE T-shirts/shorts; and school photos
  • Trips: Whole-year overnight local field trips in September (Years 7–11) and 10-day international service trip (Year 12); single event/day field trips, additional activities (e.g., swimming), and school-run after-school activities

Registration and Enrollment Fees

  • Application fee of $165: a non-refundable fee
  • Enrollment deposit of $2,000: an advanced tuition payment, due each year when enrolling to officially secure a place; the amount of this advance payment is subtracted from later payment of tuition fees
  • New student fee of $2,500: a one-off payment used to contribute to capital enhancements within the school; this fee is non-refundable and is in addition to the tuition schedule (due at the first year, only)
  • Refundable security deposit of $1,000: a fee to cover any loss or damage (due at the first year, only)

Additional Fees

Potential Obligated Supplementary Fees

Required Supplementary Costs

Optional Supplementary Costs