• Authentically International

    "International" is more than a label here. It is at the very core of everything we do and how we do it.

    nursery students learning languages through song @ British International School Washington

  • Transferable Curriculum

    A curriculum handpicked for its international focus and global recognition, culminating in the IB Program.

    Students at the British International School of Washington

  • Inspiring Each Other

    Our students will embrace your child with open arms. Our students inspire each other to succeed.

    students embracing at the British International School of Washington

  • Dedicated and Inspiring

    Our teachers are recruited for their ability to nurture lifelong learners and inspire excellence.

    Teacher and student at the British International School Washington

  • Your New Community

    We welcome you to our inclusive community. From day one you and your child will feel at home with us.

    excited students at the British International School of Washington

  • Every Day is Different

    Your child will experience something new every day. Find out what's happening and connect with each other.

    students on expedition at the British International School of Washington

  • Ask Anything

    Speaking directly with us is the best way to get your questions answered quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.

    teacher speaking with parents at the British International School of Washington

Melinda Viteri

Melinda Viteri

Year 1 Teacher

I was born and raised in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and taught for many years in the UK as a primary and secondary teacher. My teaching career started by teaching A-level students in a local college.  I then trained as a Teacher of the Deaf, taking a Masters Level Post-Graduate Diploma in Deaf Education and Audiology at Mary Hare School for the Deaf in Oxford, and worked in a residential deaf school in Leeds teaching children from ages 3 to 19.  I was responsible for writing a new Drama GCSE curriculum and taught primary dance and Key stage 3 Geography.

In 2006, I was invited to become a Drama examiner for the Welsh Board of Education which I did 10 academic days per year.  I have also taught primary mainstream having a mixed Year 1 and 2 class at a school in Leeds where I was the music coordinator for lower primary.  On a Saturday morning I ran a performing arts group for Deaf/Disabled teenagers at Leeds Grand theatre for the charity 'Music and the Deaf'.

Learning beyond the classroom is a fantastic way to engage learners of all age groups. I was responsible for arranging the annual ski trip to Italy which was always a huge success.  I have led over 200 trips in my teaching career including trips to London to visit museums and see West End shows, rafting, and kayaking.

I reside in Washington, DC. I am married and have a beautiful 7-year-old step-daughter. We love to take family holidays and particularly enjoy Disney World. In my spare time my main hobby is flying light airplanes and getting young people inspired by the world of flight.  I do volunteer work for a charity that is called ‘Flying for the Disabled'. I also write for the “Women in Aviation” magazine, a non-profit organization based here in the USA.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be teaching Year 1 at BISW.  Each and every day presents new learning opportunities with a broad and balanced topic based curriculum catering for each unique child. It is truly delightful to work with such wonderful children, dedicated staff and parents alike.  The school is dynamic, innovative and inspirational. I would have loved to have studied here as a child!

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