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News image One People One Planet-One People One Planet-onepeopleoneplanetfeb24 Blog | School News
One People One Planet

Come and relive the vibrant energy of our One People One Planet Celebration! On Tuesday, 30th January, our school was transformed into a hub of unity, wellness, and sustainability.

Our students poured their dedication and creativity into organising this event, and their hard work was evident in the beaming smiles that filled the air. From thought-provoking TED Talks on sustainability to enlightening presentations by guest speakers, the morning was brimming with inspiration and learning opportunities.

In the afternoon, under the warm sun, families indulged in a plethora of festival-style activities and sports. From the rhythmic melodies of BIYAND's performance to the laughter echoing through the Eco Enterprise area games and the excitement of the FI recycled cars competition, there was something for everyone.

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News image Mastering the Art of Revision-Mastering the Art of Revision-The Art of Revision by BIS Abu Dhabi Blog | School News | Posts From Our People
Mastering the Art of Revision

BIS Abu Dhabi Launches A Guide to Effective Revision

At The British International School Abu Dhabi (BIS Abu Dhabi), our passion for learning goes beyond the classroom walls, it’s the driving force behind everything we do. I became a teacher, because I loved learning in my own school days, and I continue to aspire to be a lifelong learner. My goal is to instil this passion in my students, empowering them to become independent and self-driven learners.

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News image From Internship to Impact-From Internship to Impact-dianaarticlejan24 News | School News | Featured
From Internship to Impact
Meet Diana Vasile, a dynamic Year 11 student whose educational journey transcends the conventional boundaries of textbooks and classrooms. Introduced to the captivating world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) during a week of work experience in Year 10, Diana's exploration was ignited by the guidance of Ms. Juett, Assistant Head of Secondary, and the encouragement of Dr. Haïfa Ben-Romdhane, a Professor in Environmental Engineering and Geomatics at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. This encounter blossomed into a further remarkable four-month project, culminating in the creation of a compelling StoryMap that intricately weaves together environmental narratives using GIS technology. 
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News image Secondary Celebration Assemblies-Secondary Celebration Assemblies-secondarycelebrationassemblyjan24 Blog | Featured | Posts From Our People | School News
Secondary Celebration Assemblies
This week in Secondary, we have recognised and celebrated student achievements in curriculum subjects, as well as accomplishments outside of the classroom through our BISAD Values Awards and Outstanding Whole School Contribution Awards for Term 1. 
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News image Message from our New Principal-Message from our New Principal-11 News | Featured | School News
Message from our New Principal
Firstly, I extend a warm welcome to our new families and a sincere welcome back to our existing families for Term 2. As officially communicated earlier this week, I am thrilled to personally share with you the news of my appointment as the Principal of the British International School Abu Dhabi.
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News image Year 1 Pirate Day-Year 1 Pirate Day-year1pirateday News | School News
Year 1 Pirate Day
Yesterday, children in Year 1 celebrated the end of their pirates topic in style! Children put all of their skills and knowledge to the test to see if they'd learnt enough to graduate from pirate school.
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News image Year 4 COP 28 Conference-Year 4 COP 28 Conference-year4cop281 News | School News
Year 4 COP 28 Conference
Last week, saw the launch of Year 4s COP28 Sustainability Conference. Our children have been inspired this term by the COP28 in Dubai to learn all about sustainability and how to save our planet. 
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News image Dubai 7s-Dubai 7s-dubai7results News | School News
Dubai 7s

Last weekend, our joint BIS Abu Dhabi and NAS Dubai Nord Anglia Education Rugby Team participated in Dubai 7s. This is the first time two Nord Anglia Education schools have come together to form a ‘representative’ team and we are incredibly proud of all the boys who were selected to represent the school and the Nord Anglia Education group on the pitch.

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News image Message from the Associate Principal-Message from the Associate Principal-messagefromtheassociateprincipaldec23 Blog | category11 | Posts From Our People | School News
Message from the Associate Principal

Before I start this week’s newsletter, I want to thank you all for the partnership and support you continue to show as we work together as a community to educate our children. I do hope you are able to enjoy some of the winter break as a family and have time together that is memorable for all the good reasons. Our children grow up so quickly and such moments matter to us; I wish you all the best over the break and look forward to your safe return in the new year.

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News image FS2 Winter Production-FS2 Winter Production-fs2 production News | School News
FS2 Winter Production
On Wednesday, FS2 took their parents on an amazing adventure to learn about how we can save the planet.

Eddie the penguin discovers that the ice around him is melting, and his world is changing. What can he do?
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News image Manarat Al Saadiyat Art Adventure Visual Arts Trip to Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2023-Manarat Al Saadiyat Art Adventure Visual Arts Trip to Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2023-1_11zon News | School News
Manarat Al Saadiyat Art Adventure Visual Arts Trip to Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2023
We are excited to share the experiences of our Year 10 Visual Arts students who recently embarked on an inspiring journey to the 2023 Abu Dhabi Art Fair at the prestigious Manarat Al Saadiyat Art Gallery. The trip was a fascinating exploration of creativity and expression, offering our Fine Art and Photography students an important and informative opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art.
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News image Dubai 7s-Dubai 7s-dubai7sdec23 News | School News
Dubai 7s
We are delighted to announce that a joint BIS Abu Dhabi and Nord Anglia School Dubai will be playing at the Dubai 7’s international rugby tournament this weekend.  It is the first time that two Nord Anglia Schools have come together to form a ‘representative’ team and we are incredibly proud of all the boys who have been selected to represent the school and the Nord Anglia Education group on the pitch. 
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News image Arabic Poetry Competition-Arabic Poetry Competition-Picture1 News | School News
Arabic Poetry Competition
BIS Abu Dhabi and our Arabic department take great pride in acknowledging the achievements of students Noora Y11, Fatema Y10, Haya Y5, Mohamed Y7, who admirably represented the school at the Arabic Poetry Competition on Tuesday, 21st November. 
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News image Our Head of Secondary Chris Lowe gives his insight into Knowledge is Power-Our Head of Secondary Chris Lowe gives his insight into Knowledge is Power-chrisloweinsights232 Blog | School News | Posts From Our People
Our Head of Secondary Chris Lowe gives his insight into Knowledge is Power

Sometime in the late 1990’s I walked into a café in Birmingham and said hello to a student of mine who happened to be there enjoying lunch with her family.  Mum and Dad smiled at me, said hello and I overheard the girl whisper ‘that’s my History teacher’ to them.  I’ve always quite enjoyed the minor celebrity status of being a teacher out of the school building.  Students are often very confused by the notion that teachers exist outside of the classroom.  A while later, as the family left the café, the father gave me a nod, smiled and said

‘‘History teacher eh?  What year was the Battle of Waterloo then?’’

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News image Rubiks Cube Tournament-Rubiks Cube Tournament-rubickscubecomp231 News | School News
Rubiks Cube Tournament

On Thursday, 23rd November BIS Abu Dhabi held an exciting Rubik's Cube Tournament, drawing in the talents of 13 students who showcased their impressive problem-solving skills and dexterity. The event was triggered by a Year 6 student's impressive Rubik's Cube solve during our BISAD's Got Talent, which ignited a spark of curiosity and determination among the school community.

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News image Under 19 BSME Games-Under 19 BSME Games-u19bsmenov23 News | School News
Under 19 BSME Games

The BSME (British Schools Middle East) Games is the highlight of the sporting calendar for any multi-sport athlete. At the beginning of the academic year students attend a rigorous trial to compete for a place within the squad. The PE Department selects 12 girls and 12 boys to represent the school in Football and Volleyball for the boys and Football and Netball for the girls. This year was extra exciting, due to the opportunity to travel to Kuwait.

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News image Term Two CCA Programme Information-Term Two CCA Programme Information-ccanov23 News | School News
Term Two CCA Programme Information

The BIS Abu Dhabi Team would like to remind our community that our Term One CCA programme finishes on Friday 24th November.

If your child is registered with an external provider, please contact the company leading their CCA to establish their finish date.

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News image MUN Conference-MUN Conference-MUNCONFERENCE News | School News
MUN Conference
On Tuesday, 21st November, we held our first MUN conference of the year.

23 students from Year 6-13 took part in the day, where they discussed solutions to the issue of child refugees.
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News image Message from the Head of Primary-Message from the Head of Primary-messagefromheadofprimary23nov23 Blog | School News | category11 | Posts From Our People
Message from the Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

I am thrilled to share the exciting events that unfolded at our school, starting with our school coming together this week to celebrate World Children's Day and House Day. The atmosphere was one of unity, inspiration and positive action, creating a memorable experience for all.

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News image Get to Know our Social Sciences Team-Get to Know our Social Sciences Team-gettoknowsocialscienceteam Blog | School News
Get to Know our Social Sciences Team
At BIS Abu Dhabi, our Social Sciences Team is composed of outstanding individuals, each contributing a distinctive blend of passion, experience, and dedication. Get to know the exceptional minds driving innovation and excellence in social sciences.
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