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06 July, 2023

Message from the Associate Principal

Message from the Associate Principal - Message from the Associate Principal
As we come to the end of another incredible school year, it's a perfect time to look back and reminisce on the many unforgettable moments that have made this year truly exceptional. From enriching curriculum experiences to heart-warming community events, the BIS Abu Dhabi community has come together to create lasting memories and celebrate remarkable achievements.
One of the highlights this year has been witnessing our youngest students' awe and wonder during their encounters with animals like snakes and iguanas. It has been a joy to see their faces light up with excitement and curiosity as they learn about the natural world. Similarly, the Year 5 Survival Day and the thrilling abseiling from the roof with Year 6 students showcasing their resilience and courage to our older students, pushing themselves beyond their limits and conquering new challenges.

Another aspect that has truly touched our hearts is the power of our community when it comes to supporting those in need. The Bridges of Giving initiative brought us all together to provide aid and relief for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Witnessing the compassion and generosity displayed by our students, staff, and parents was truly inspiring, and it reinforced the importance of coming together to make a positive difference in the world.

The family BBQ after the duathlon was a delightful occasion where we gathered together to enjoy each other's company and share delicious food. It provided a valuable opportunity for families to connect and strengthen their bonds, fostering a sense of unity within the BIS Abu Dhabi community.

On the topic of travel, the ski trip to Switzerland was a remarkable experience for both students and teachers alike. Watching students who had never skied before progress from tentative steps to confidently navigating blue and red slopes was nothing short of inspiring. It served as a powerful reminder that we should never underestimate our potential for growth and achievement, both individually and as a community. The connections they made with students from around the globe in Nord Anglia was also memorable and I hope it helped to remind us all that we share so much in common no matter where we are from.

The grand opening of our new auditorium marked a significant milestone in the school's history. Witnessing our students perform in the dazzling production of Bugsy showcased their incredible talent and creativity. Seeing those who were once considered quiet and shy blossoming on stage and captivating audiences of over 500 people. The dance festival was another momentous occasion, allowing students to express themselves through the power of movement and music. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness their stories unfold on stage. I also must mention BISAD’s got talent – the standard across every year group was high and children really are pushing themselves to see what they are capable of in terms of creativity. So many memorable performances. 

The year was also filled with numerous sporting achievements that showcased the dedication, skill, and teamwork of our students. From the many swimming galas and sports days to the triumph at the BSME U19 games, our students demonstrated immense growth and a drive for success. These accomplishments not only brought pride to our school, but also allowed students to build their confidence and realise their potential.

As we reflect on these remarkable events and achievements, it becomes clear that our school is truly going places. The success we have experienced this year will undoubtedly inspire future accomplishments and drive us forward as a community. Together, we have created an environment where every individual is encouraged to exceed their own expectations and support one another in reaching their goals.

Thank you to the entire BIS Abu Dhabi community for making this year truly amazing. Let us continue to embrace new challenges, celebrate our successes, and nurture the incredible potential that lies within each and every one of us. This is BIS Abu Dhabi, where success begets success, and where the spirit of unity and growth propels us forward.

Here's to another fantastic year ahead!

 Alan Cocker

Associate Principal


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