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07 July, 2023

Primary STEAM Week

Primary STEAM Week - Primary STEAM Week
STEAM Week in our Primary years was an incredible experience that left a lasting impact on students and staff. Exploring Global Goal 11 and focusing on local wildlife, sustainable transport, and emergency preparedness, the children's engagement and enthusiasm were exceptional.

In Foundation Stage, students dedicated themselves to helping local wildlife, creating habitats, and understanding the importance of biodiversity. Key Stage 1 delved into sustainable transport, fostering creativity and critical thinking in designing eco-friendly vehicles. Meanwhile, Key Stage 2 students embraced emergency preparedness, developing buildings that could withstand earthquakes, floods and sandstorms.

Throughout the week, it was evident that the children's growth was not only academic, but also they grew as responsible global citizens. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and progress in 21st-century skills was truly inspiring. STEAM Week provided an incredible platform for them to learn, explore and make a positive impact, setting our students on a path to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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