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09 May, 2024

World Scholars at BIS Abu Dhabi

World Scholars at BIS Abu Dhabi - World Scholars at BIS Abu Dhabi

On the 26th and 27th April, BIS Abu Dhabi had a visit from the World Scholar’s Cup, who held a competition for our students. We had 55 students participating over the course of the two days in a range of academic competitions.

On the first day, students were welcomed by Michelle from the World Scholar’s Cup. First up was the writing challenge. Students were given just over an hour to create a response to one of a range of thought-provoking writing prompts. This challenged their creativity as well as their academic prowess. In this, they were able to get support from their teams who could give them feedback to help them improve their work. However, they were on their own for the scholar’s challenge: an individual quiz where students have to answer 120 multiple choice questions in just under an hour!

After this, students were back in their teams for the final event of the day: debate. The standard was exceptionally high, with BIS Abu Dhabi staff and IB students (who were drafted in to judge) deeply impressed by the quality of our debaters.

Saturday began with the alpaca balance challenge. Randomly selected students had to balance with a toy alpaca on their head while attempting to dance, limbo and give each other high fives! Well done to Marc, whose gravity defying skills were rewarded with a large stuffed alpaca

World Scholars at BIS Abu Dhabi - World Scholars at BIS Abu Dhabi


Next, the Scholar’s bowl began. This was a team clicker quiz where students had to answer questions on a huge range of topics – often with 20 seconds or fewer to answer! During the bowl, scholar’s were given a small toy alpaca and had to take the alpaca oath while balancing it on their heads.

After lunch, we had a talent showcase followed by the closing ceremony. Our students performed brilliantly. Notable achievements included:

Neil (Y9): Overall 1st Place Individual, 1st Place in the Scholars’ Challenge (Jac Khor special award)

Maahi, Ann and Advika (Y8): Overall 1st Place Team, 1st Place Team Debate

Chaen, Ankita and Lucky (Y8): 1st Place Team Challenge

Neil, Tanush and Sari (Y9): 1st Place Team Writing

Faris and Agastya (Y8): 1st Place Scholar’s Bowl

Nouryah (Y9): 1st Place Individual Writing

Maahi (Y8): 1st Place Debate, 2nd Place Individual

Amro (Y6): 1st Place Cria Scholar

Christian (Y9): 1st Place Asimov Award

A huge thank you is also due to our IB Volunteers (Fraser, Jack, Adam and Sarah) who helped with the running of the event on Friday and acted as debate judge. Thank you also to Ben, Athikha, Sanskriti and Adithya, our KS3 volunteers who were invaluable throughout the weekend!

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