Students from the British International School of Houston secure placement at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.
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Destinations for Further Study

The British International School of Houston has a distinguished track record of college and university placements in the United Kingdom, United States, European countries, East Asia, and Australia. Year after year, our students' exam results demonstrate our school's commitment to exceptional standards of teaching and learning. Our university placement bears this out.

Australia/New Zealand



South America

United Kingdom

United States

The unique, international curriculum of the British International School of Houston provides outstanding pathways to every student's desired college or university destination. Your child will benefit from the advice and guidance of our exceptional college and career counsellors, who are experienced at placing students at educational institutions around the world. 

Academic Achievement

The British International School of Houston does not rank its students. Cumulative grade point averages are based solely on junior and senior year coursework, as the IB is a holistic curriculum. GPAs are not weighted. IGCSE and GCSE results represent freshman and sophomore year.

Discover our outstanding academic achievement.