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News image IMG_0100 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
If there were no books, I would be super sad!
Today the children were invited to come to school dressed as a character from one of their favorite books.
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News image Picture3 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Maths in Early Years
An interesting overview by Ms Doyle on Maths in Early Years.
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News image IMG_0131 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
“When is it going to be International Day again!”
I have encountered many International Days over my many years of teaching. In every school I have worked in this event has been a hugely special occasion, celebrating the diversity of the school community.
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News image IMG_8728 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
The children in EY1 have been thinking about listening - discriminating a foreground sound against background noise.
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News image IMG_8526 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
The Language of Paint
The children had ideas about creating a space for painting in our Atelier. This week I have been working with the children to introduce such a space.
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News image IMG_0029 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Inventiveness, Creativity, Discovery
In a world in which we are preparing our youngest generation for professions still unknown, it is imperative to fuel children’s curiosity and appetite for learning.
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News image IMG_8259 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
A Desire to Mix Lovely Colours
We decided to ask the children about their ideas on developing our Atelier.
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News image IMG_0085 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Our Festive Sing Along
Singing seems to be a natural language for children, providing a playful and emotionally satisfying context for building relationships.
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News image ey magnifying glass Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Baby Plants are Growing
Since the start of the year the children have shown a desire to help care for the classroom plants...
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News image ey Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Togetherness: My Place, My Space, Our place, Our space
As we were waiting for the children to arrive on Thursday morning, the day of this special occasion, we had time to peacefully walk around our Early Years spaces and really reflect on how far we have come.
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News image Picture1 Blog | earlyyears | Early Years
Eating Together
Giving you a sneak peak into what lunchtime is like in Early Years...
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