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March 15, 2016

New Campus Update 2016

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New Campus Update

Update from our Architect, Ed Schmidt.

New Campus Update

Update from our Architect, Ed Schmidt.

It is amazing how much has been completed and how much remains to be done.  The exterior of the building is so far along that the contractor has begun to fence off the playing fields so that they can lay the grass and water the lawns.  The stadium is also beginning to take shape to the point that (on a dry day) you can begin to run around in circles; not on the track but I circles none the less. But there remains a lot of work left to be completed.  The paint has begun, the computer cabling is being run and the carpet has been selected bit by bit we are getting ready.

You might have seen the sample pieces of furniture that were hanging around the café. Some we liked and some we didn’t but the next step is to take what we learned and fit out two classrooms to look just like they will look at the new campus. This will help us to make sure that we have it right, help the teachers and students to see what it will be like and help you to envision this amazing new school environment.   



Ed Schmidt, AIA

Director of Project Management, North America                                                               Nord Anglia Education