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January 08, 2019

Spotlight on BISH Alumna - How an IB Diploma changes your life!

Spotlight on BISH Alumna - How an IB Diploma changes your life! We invited Class of 2018 graduate, Sanjana, to reflect on post-IB life and offer her perspectives on how the IB changes your life. 20170602 1523091

Exactly a year ago, I was seated at the same place as the Year 13’s completing all my IA’s, EE and TOK essays as well applying for colleges and preparing for the final IB exams. Completing the IBDP program at BISH was a crucial step in my transition from school to college last year. Even though ‘the end may not appear to be in sight’ for the Year 12’s and Year 13’s, trust me it gets better, and the program, will be over within the blink of an eye. Why? Because, even though you’re all toiling away at those enormous EE’s, IA’s, TOK essays, and practice essays, when you have been hit with the first set of college essays and finals, you know exactly how to tackle them because you’ve already done them all.


Today, I am chasing my dream at the Paris Campus of the Parsons School of Design. And, when it comes to engaging with my professors or writing my college assignments, I feel I am at a definite advantage given my rigorous IBDP training, underlying research and process orientation, and my ability to assimilate insights from diverse and often conflicting sources.


What I love about my university is that it helps me explore the vast expanse of possibilities, many of which I haven’t explored before. I love how they re-define the word art with every class, and the amazing opportunities they provide by integrating local and global art, history and culture within every class.


Looking back now, I wish I had better organisational skills and hoped I could have managed my time better during my IBDP years. What I loved about my time at BISH is the immense support I received from my teachers, which I will forever hold close to my heart as well as the way they taught me to broaden my horizon and think out of the box to become a true IB learner. 


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