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December 01, 2020

BIS Houston awarded NEASC Accreditation

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BIS Houston awarded NEASC Accreditation
BIS Houston awarded NEASC Accreditation We are delighted to announce BIS Houston has been awarded the coveted NEASC Accreditation.

BIS Houston is delighted to announce we have been awarded NEASC accreditation. A globally recognized standard of excellence, NEASC Accreditation attests to a school's high quality and integrity. It also serves to assess the systems in place for ongoing institutional self-reflection and a school's commitment to and capacity for continuous growth and/or transformation.

Following a rigorous three year accreditation journey BIS Houston are proud to announce NEASC Accreditation.

Read just a few of the outstanding highlights from the NEASC visiting team report:

What a school! What a community! It is easy to be overwhelmed by the strong sense of collegiality and commitment to the students, along with the physical plant, the well-resourced classrooms, and the equipment that supports student learning.

"It is evident that the academic and co-curricular offerings at BIS Houston provide an abundance of learning opportunities that encompass creative, moral, social, experimential and developing enterpreneurial dimentions."

"The atmosphere at BIS Houston is one of collegiality, mutual respect and support among the members of the community."

"The school recognises the diversity among students and enable all students access to learning."

"The family-orientated culture of BIS Houston is so persvasive that many acts of kindness are simply organic."

"Reflection has long been a part of BIS Houston's identity."

This is a tremendous accomplishment and we could not be more proud!

Congratulations BIS Houston!

What happens next? Accreditation is not a single event, but rather an ongoing, voluntary cycle of comprehensive internal and external assessments, short- and long-term strategic planning, and periodic reporting sustained by professional partnership and support. As a NEASC member school, BIS Houston must, according to the appropriate Commission protocol, periodically demonstrate continued alignment with NEASC Standards in order to maintain NEASC Accreditation/Membership.

The British International School of Houston has offered an individualised, international education in Houston for 20 years. With rigorous, inter-disciplinary curricula and teachers who are experts in differentiated learning, all our students are appropriately challenged and experience personal growth and success. Within a supportive community, our ambitious and personalised approach enables each student to discover and achieve their full potential, going on to the world’s best colleges and universities with a love of learning and excitement for the future.

BIS Houston is ambitious for our students, and believe that:
• there is no limit to what every student can achieve 
• creativity and challenge help our students get better every day
• learning should be personalised to each child 
• unique global opportunities enhance every student’s learning experience


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