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February 09, 2021

Year 8 exploring the power of poetry!

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Year 8 exploring the power of poetry! A great piece of poetry writing makes you feel something. Our Year 8 poets have been exploring the power of poetry and written some creative pieces.

Poetry can be written about any subject, imaginary or factual; about personal experiences or concepts; about emotions or facts.


Our Year 8's are currently reading The Outsiders, a novel written and set in the 1960s. Last week, students explored several poems of Robert Frost whose poem, Nothing Gold Can Last is recited by Ponyboy, the novel's main character.  Some students wrote their own poems, inspired by their chosen Frost poem. Here are Mia's and Kyra's beautiful and inspiring poems as they recited them to the class:


Live with no regrets (inspired by 'inspired by The Road Not Taken')

by Mia

I roam past time as look at myself 

Undeveloped, not grown but a tiny little soul

I chose paths which pivot my life

I fret at my mistakes day and night

Looking at it at the wrong light 

I see what I did than judge in regret

Hoping the people around me will forget

What I should see is what I can do 

Not what I could have done or changed

Life is like whispers, full of errors 

Water the seed and let it grow 

Don’t let fear stop us from Igniting the flames 

Don’t close a eye 

Don’t look back 

Don’t tremble in despair 

Don’t dwell in the past

Live with no regrets

Look with clarity and walk with faith

Live with no regrets

Talk in pride but not with hate

Seek and you shall find 

Let your path follow the breeze of your own life.


Hit by the Train of Reality (inspired by 'Nothing Gold Can Stay')

by Kyra


Feels like time stopped 

I feel like I was in my own bubble 

Then it popped 

When you're small you're in your own own fantasy 

Your own reality you created


Hit by the train of reality 

Chucked into our society

Life is not always easy

Nothing can stay good forever 

Eventually you have to grow up

And let the good times pass


We hope you enjoy our NAE Achievers power in their poetry!

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