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June 09, 2021

International Day isn’t over yet!

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International Day isn’t over yet! Welcome to the BIS Houston Cooking Club and Cookbook published by our world class parent community!

We are excited to launch the BIS Houston Cookbook here, bringing to life a wide variety of our community's favorite international dishes, memories of home countries, and good times with family and friends. Inspired by our BIS Houston International community, who happen to love cooking and were brought together by the wonderful school of their children. 


Why a Cookbook? Each year our International Day Celebration headlines with a food fayre, cultural performances, school and community choir show, flag parade, international sporting activities and much more, celebrating the cultural diversity and richness of our wonderful school community. The BIS Houston International Day Food Fayre is a firm favourite highlight, normally the moment to try the delicious food of friends from all over the world. In 2021 the celebration was different from other years, hosted by Year 12 students (with just a little help from the BIS Houston parent community!), however, due to Covid-19 sharing of food was slighly different, therefore, our community decided to present the international flavours from around the globe by sharing their most treasured and tasty recipes in a published cookbook!


International food can be colorful, different from what we are used to, surprise us, but most of all, can be soooo delicious!


Special thank you to our world class community for your contributions and to Rachel Lavooij, Dynah Heerze, Louise Rutter, Mariana Sánchez de Wirtz and Ruth Thierens for this wonderful community initiative!


Join the BIS Houston Cooking Club here. Let the BIS Houston Cooking Club be a meeting point for exchanging recipes, get inspired for everyday meals or delicious recipes for special occasions. Stay connected with the BIS Houston community and enjoy some of the best flavours from around the world! 


Check out the highlights from International Day here!

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