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May 16, 2024

University Bound

University Bound
Our approach to learning means that our students achieve impressive results every year, opening pathways to the world’s top universities.

So far, 1 in 2 students has an offer to attend a top 100 university and the Class of 2024 has received record-breaking scholarship offers of nearly $6m.


About 18% of students intend to study in the UK, 5% in Canada, 1% in Australia, 6% in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Monaco), and 70% in the US. 


1 in 2 students has an offer to attend a top 100 university, including: 


  • 5 offers from top 10 QS World ranked schools (including University College London and Imperial College London)
  • 12 offers from top 50 QS World ranked schools (Manchester, Edinburgh, Kings, Toronto, Munich, and Delft)
  • 33 offers from top 100 QS World ranked schools (Glasgow, Durham, UT Austin, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Boston University, Penn State, Purdue, Washington, California-San Diego, University of Western Australia) for 40% of the cohort. 

Noteworthy are the offers students received from low admit rate US colleges, as many students got admitted to highly competitive schools in the US, including Northeastern University, UT Austin, Boston University, and the University of Miami. 


The Class of 2024 received 59 offers from Top 100 US Colleges (20% of all offers) and 25 offers from Public Ivies, including the University of California Davis, University of California San Diego, UT Austin, University of California Irvine, University of Washington, Rutgers, University of Connecticut, Penn State, Indiana University Bloomington. 


For students considering the UK, the cohort received 31 offers from the Russell Group (UK), including the University of Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, York, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Kings College London, University College London. 


It's another impressive year indeed. We can't wait to see where their journey leads them next!


Our stats speak for themselves. Our high-quality learning environment and teachers’ expertise help our students to earn fantastic results, lighting the pathways to top-ranked universities. Learn more about our pathways to success here.