Ages 11 to 16


Our secondary curriculum at The British School of Tashkent stretches students both personally and academically, encouraging them to be ambitious, think critically, and become leaders. Exceptional global learning experiences – both in and outside of the classroom – broaden our students’ horizons, while an outstanding choice of IGCSE options enable our students to follow their passions and talents.
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Our secondary school curriculum in Uzbekistan

Our lower secondary school students follow the English National Curriculum, including IGCSEs at Key Stage 4. We offer a breadth of subject choices – the most of any secondary school in Uzbekistan – and outstanding learning opportunities, so every child can do what they love and tackle new challenges.

At secondary, we encourage our students to become independent learners, take responsibility, and grow in confidence. They do this by taking part in leadership, public speaking, and teamwork opportunities. Our students benefit from life-changing global experiences, too, through our Student Council, overseas expeditions, international competitions, and our Global Campus learning platform.


Key Stage 3

In Years 7-9, our students build on the firm foundations laid in primary school, expanding their knowledge in core and specialist subjects. At this stage in their education, your child will study 11 different subjects, including two languages.

Lessons at our secondary school in Uzbekistan are taught by subject specialists. Your child’s class tutor will play an important pastoral role, coordinating their academic, personal, and social development. They also deliver our PSHE programme, which includes global citizenship and health education.


IGCSE curriculum

In Years 10 and 11, our students study for their IGCSE exams. Alongside compulsory English, maths, and science, your child will specialise in subjects that reflect their interests, strengths, and aspirations. Options include history, geography, ICT, modern foreign languages, music, drama, art, PE, business studies, and travel and tourism. Each student takes 8-10 subjects, depending on their learning preferences.

Our IGCSE school programme at BST Tashkent is academically rigorous and recognised to be among the best in the world. Many of our subjects have international elements and content, ensuring topics are relevant to students worldwide.


Grouping students by ability

In most subjects, students learn in sets of similar ability. This is a great way to build a child’s confidence. Movement in and across sets is normal, as students make progress over time. We regularly review and monitor how each child is developing.


Tracking your child’s progress

We hold Parent Teacher Consultations (PTCs) twice a year. Students are welcome to attend with their parents and contribute to discussions about their learning. PTCs are a good opportunity to meet your child’s teachers. You’re also welcome to get in touch with us at any point.

We produce an academic report three times a year – once per term. The reports explain what your child has been learning, their attainment level, the results of any assessments, and strengths and areas to improve.


Our world-class academic programme – where outstanding teachers tailor learning to each student’s preferences, talents, and ambitions – will challenge and inspire your child to get remarkable results. 

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