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Combining outstanding subject teaching with an array of exceptional learning experiences, our primary school in Uzbekistan sets our students on the path to success. Our teachers tailor how and what each child learns to their burgeoning strengths and passions – setting challenging but achievable goals – as well as supporting their personal and academic progression.
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Our primary curriculum

At our Tashkent primary school, students follow the English National Curriculum. Our teachers embrace individual passions and ambitions, delivering lessons that are lively, challenging, and engaging. This gives your child the chance to think critically and independently, and to solve problems. .

At Key Stage 1, learning is broad and balanced. We provide rich opportunities that enable our children to explore new concepts, link practical experiences with core subjects like English and maths, and communicate, connect, and collaborate with friends.

Our Key Stage 2 curriculum centres around thematic learning. Termly and half-termly themes build our students’ knowledge and understanding across the subjects through practical topics, activities, and resources.


Our primary school subjects

We offer a range of subjects at primary. This includes English, maths, science, history, geography, ICT, languages, music, art and design, PE, drama and PSHE. The core subjects are taught by class teachers, while music, PE, art and design, languages, and ICT are taught by specialists.

We place great importance on learning a second language, which teaches our students about other cultures, fosters their curiosity, and deepens their understanding of the world. At primary, our children can learn Russian, French, and Spanish.

In Years 3-6, our Uzbek students attend Uzbek School, as well as following the English National Curriculum. In line with the Ministry of Education, our students learn about the culture and history of Uzbekistan, and develop their linguistic skills.


Supporting every child to thrive at our Uzbekistan primary school

BST is an inclusive school, and we work closely with our students and parents to ensure that everyone fulfils their potential. Our specialist English as an Additional Language (EAL) team, for example, helps non-native English speakers with their reading, writing, and comprehension, enabling them to fully access our curriculum.


Tracking your child’s progress

We use Assessment for Learning to ensure each child makes great progress. Teachers set targets over short periods of time, which are then reviewed and developed each term. You’ll receive a Progress Review at the end of term, too, which will detail your child’s attainment, effort, and achievements, as well as providing goals to work towards at home. 


Our world-class academic programme – where outstanding teachers tailor learning to each student’s preferences, talents, and ambitions – will challenge and inspire your child to get remarkable results.

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