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Grade 11 at Northbridge: The start of the journey into the wonderful world of the IB Diploma

As we reach the end of the semester Grade 11 Students can take heart that they are a quarter of the way through the IB Diploma. The learnings of this semester are the foundation to what will be a cornerstone of their academic life, which will eventuate into graduating Northbridge International School Cambodia and taking on the world! 

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Nelson
Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela

I know that Northbridge students leave us with the ability and education to change the world and although that might seem far off. I think it only fair that with the end of the first semester we look back at how far the Grade 11 students have come.

1st Semester - The Beginning

On the 12th of August 2019, some 120 days ago, our Grade 11 students walked through the front gates of Northbridge, both returning and new students ready to face the challenge of the new academic year. Not only a new academic year but a new course as well The IB Diploma. Needless to say, I'm not sure who was more nervous: the students or the new DP pastoral team of Ms Frances, Mr Chris and Mr Callum. But nevertheless the year started in a hurry and hasn’t slowed down since.

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Plato
Beginning is the most important part of work Plato

1st Semester - The Middle

After the fast start to the year with options being chosen or re-chosen, classes being set, making new friends, learning teachers names, and getting to grips with having the privilege of the DP Lounge, it was time for the real learning to begin.

Quickly came in the Concepts, then the Content, then CAS, then Time Management, then being overwhelmed, then being on top of all the work, then being overwhelmed again and lastly having to prepare for their first ever IB Diploma Exams. So much information and so many new and different aspects to the learning it's a wonder how the Grade 11 students kept it together. But as all great learners they did and they persevered!

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Victor Hugo
Perseverance, the secret to all triumphs
Victor Hugo

1st Semester  - The Future

Well, exams have past, report cards are coming and the future (and the holidays) creeps ever closer. Here is where being Grade Level Leader I get to indulge myself and impart somethings I think are key to the near future:

  1. “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”
                                    - Rafeaki (The Lion King)
    What you have achieved this semester or mainly not achieved it is in the past, you cannot change it so you learn from it. Nobody’s perfect in fact perfection is only a perception made by yourself or others. What I will say though is don’t ask yourself “how could I have done better?” Instead ask yourself  “what can I do to do better next time?” because you cannot change the past.

  2. Take time to rest! Holidays are called holidays because the word means rest and relaxation. Clear your mind, refresh and enjoy time spent with family, friends, pets or yourself without any distraction from school. It doesn’t have to be the whole holidays but it should be a good chunk of it, two out of the three weeks.

  3. Go back to advice number one, learn from what you have done previously and think what has worked for you in terms of school and what hasn’t. Once you have an idea of the path you need to plan it out! Planning now makes the task smaller and once you are on your planned direction you can always take diversions and as long as you can get back to that main road you’ll always get to your destination!

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Sun Tzu
Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great when it is small Sun Tzu

Finally from me have an amazing holiday and a Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it. Enjoy time with family and friends, travel safe and come back to Northbridge with the vigour and zeal of a new year and a new semester.