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21st Century Students at Northbridge: Who are they?

Nancy Calimlim
Nancy Calimlim (5 posts) Language and Literature Curriculum Leader, MUN Coordinator, DP English B and MYP English L&L Teacher View Profile

At Northbridge International School Cambodia we are busy laying out the foundation of a 21st Century student. With the changing ebb and flow of time, our students should better be equipped with the dexterity they need to face the tides.

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Skills

21st Century Learning is our drive to gear up students to the demands of a changing world. As it transforms education into a student-centered environment, it overhauls students into perceiving their roles in society, in more ways that matter the most more than ever.

21st Century Skills are the building blocks of this discipline, categorized in 3Ls: Learning, Literacy, and Life Skills. With Learning and Literacy being the most trained skills in the classroom, Life Skills are empowered intrinsically, yielding to a holistic student. 

Northbridge International School Cambodia - Students

Who are the 21st Century students? For the most part, they are someone ready to volunteer in situations that require their leadership. They are someone compassionate to the needs of others. They are someone collaborative to the ideas and actions involving their community, and even beyond.

Who are the 21st Century students? 

A. Learning Skills 

They are critical thinkers, who find solutions to problems independently; that even without a teacher, they figure out provisions to difficult situations. They weed out problems and replace them with fruitful solutions. 

They are collaborators, who achieve compromises in working together. They demonstrate the willingness to surrender their wants and needs for the greatest possible results of the team. 

They are communicators, who have the courage to convey their ideas to people of all walks of life. They express ideas intelligibly and comprehensively, eliminating confusion. 

Most of all, they are creative, who think outside the box. They possess the ability to adapt to changes and to change whichever is antiquated in order to accommodate the current.  

B. Literacy Skills 

They are information literate, who understand facts, data, and figures, most importantly, they can separate fact from fiction. They are adept to figuring out fake news and eventually finding out the truth. 

They are media literate, who distinguishes reliable sources of information from those that are dubious. Although closely linked to information literacy, this particular skill understands the formats of publication, and reads them with a grain of salt until proven credible. 

They are technology literate, who understand the concepts that go beyond the computers, mobiles, and any technology out there. They know their consumption, but they also master their functions and performance.

C. Life Skills

They are flexible, who regulate their interactions with an open mind. They adapt their ways to the circumstances. They show respect and humility as they mold their thinking into changes at hand. 

They are leaders, who motivate a team to achievement.They believe that guiding the team is working with them and not dictating to them. They consider themselves just as they consider others opinions and wellbeing. They enable and empower.

They demonstrate initiative, who start projects on their own. They work on the task even with due diligence but without adult supervision.

They are productive, who are willingly commit extended time to that task to complete without delay. They are conscious of their own skills and are mindful of others’ performance. 

They are social, who value long lasting relationships. They form connections bearing empathy as the core of their connections. 

NISC students are 21st Century learners, and graduating with a NISC education ensures their success in their future career, but more importantly, in making this world a better place. 


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