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High School Science

Middle & High School Science

Grades 6 - 12

Grade 6

G6 Science started the year focusing on the concept of the Early Man, through which we explored dating techniques, tree rings, ice cores, and radioactive decay.

Grade 7

Grade 7 has been exploring Physical Forces and the role different forces play in our lives.

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Students started the year proving to be great thinkers, as they worked in groups to build a paper tower to hold up as many textbooks as possible.  Using only 1 piece of A4, 30cm of tape, and 1 pair of scissors, the winning group supported the weight of 36 text books!!!

The class then explored the concept of speed by being courageous and jumping into the

pool to find out their swim speed.  The students are now becoming knowledgeable about Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion.

Grade 8

Grade 8 Science begun the year by learning about and experimenting with Light and Sound.

They are now designing a musical instrument using recycled materials.

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They are now designing a musical instrument using recycled materials.

Grade 9

Grade 9 started the year by delving into the characteristics, organization, and maintenance of living organisms in relation to Cells and Cellular Processes.   

First they focused on the structure and function of both plant and animal cells, which resulted in them innovatively creating exquisite 3D models of their favorite cells!

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Proving themselves to be inquirers they eagerly used light microscopes to investigate a variety of cells.

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Grade 10 

Grade 10 began the year learning about Atomic Structure, the Periodic Table, Bonding and Separation Methods.  The relationship of electronic structure to bonding and molecular shapes was explored through molymod molecular modelling, it allowed students to consider compounds from a macro- and micro- perspective; this was further enhanced with 3-D simulations.  The students have just submitted their first work assessed by Criterion D: Reflecting on the Impacts of Science, this is their first of three opportunities to achieve this criterion.

15 1716




Grade 11

Grade 11 has courageously embraced the IB Diploma Programme and fully immersed themselves in the Group 4 Sciences!


Grade 11 has just completed a unit on Quantitative Chemistry, it involved many practical sessions collecting and interpreting data.  Students were tasked to determine the molecular formulae of a gas in a lighter, to work out exactly how many moles of water have hydrated a crystal, and to prepare standard solutions from solids and by dilution.  This week we began looking at ionic bonding and we'll investigate the properties of ionic compounds in the laboratory.  


Grade 11 has been learning about light and waves.


Grade 11 has embraced the IB Diploma Programme and fully immersed itself in the world of the Cell. 

First they focused on the structure and function of both plant and animal cells.

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The super six were excited inquirers as they used light microscopes to view various cells, including cheek cells from their own bodies.   

22 232425





Then, through their tireless hard work and dedication they proved to be knowledgeable about cell membranes, after taking an in-depth look at how they contribute to crucial processes like endocytosis, exocytosis, diffusion, osmosis, and active transport.

Grade 12          


Grade 12 have been working on their Internal Investigations, this is an assessed piece of work required for D.P. Chemistry.  It involves students spending approximately ten hours in the laboratory carrying out an experiment that they design.  A detailed report is written after the practical work, it details what they learned and it includes a reflection on improvements they could make.  Camille is investigating the oxidation of fruits and vegetables (below right) & Mike is looking at water hardness (below left).

26 272829





G12 Physics has been learning about Electromagnetism. Here you can see them, in the above two center photos, investigating the magnetic field associated with an electrical current.


Grade 12 have become extremely knowledgeable Biologists, preparing them for a strong finish in their final year of the IB Biology Diploma Programme. They’ve had a strong start to the year focusing our Option: Ecology and Conservation, in which students explored various factors affecting ecosystems, including the impact of humans on ecosystems.

The fantastic four courageously dissected owl pellets to explore the Barn Owl Food Chain.

30 3132




Then the Higher Level students proved to be excellent communicators as they created and presented power points to tech each other the Higher Level content.

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