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LFA News

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It has been a busy week for our Leman parents.

On Monday October 22nd LFA organized a Thai cooking course and on Tuesday 23rd Leman hosted its first CISA Volleyball tournament this school year.

Thai cooking course: 

Monday almost 20 moms joined the Thai cooking course which was hosted by our Leman mom, Waan Crozier.  The nice and spicy aromas attracted many school administrators, teachers and students to have a look and taste the delicious dishes.  We had a nice energy going on in our school kitchen we learned how to make fresh green papaya salad and crispy fried spring rolls.  We were amazed how many ingredients you need to buy to be able to cook these lovely dishes.  But like in every good restaurant the better your ingredients, the higher quality dishes you get.  Luckily we can find all these ingredients here in Chengdu either in the supermarkets, fish market or of course on Taobao.     You also need a lot of folding skills, to make the perfect roll  or to have some muscles in your arm to mash the ingredients for the papaya salad.   

Everybody was excited and very happy with the result in the end and the taste was even better because it was homemade!

LFA like to thank Waan Crozier not only for hosting this cooking lesson, but also in previous schoolyears Waan always organized one.  As the family will move out of Chengdu … LFA will give a nice present as token of appreciation.  Something she will remember us by when the family goes on their next journey.  Thank you Waan for your time, patience, wonderful cooking skills you have shared to our parents!

CISA Volleyball:

The first CISA U19 volleyball tournament of this schoolyear was hosted by our school.  To welcome all the participating schools LFA organized a bake sale.   All of our LIS students had the opportunity to buy the baked goods.  It was a success and as LFA we want to say thank you to all the parents who donated food and their time to get this event organized!  Thank you to all the parents who didn’t forget to send money with the kids, now a total of 2476RMB was earned this will help LFA to organize different activities or buy supplies for our upcoming events. 

A big thank you!

Next bake sale will be during the ACAMIS Cross Country event during the weekend of November 16-17-18th.  This event will be hosted at Leman International School, please come and join to help us in our Leman booth.




星期一有20位家长参加了由同为家长妈妈的Waan Crozier授课的泰国厨艺班。美妙的香料味道吸引了许多的行政人员,教师和学生瞧瞧并品尝菜品。我们学校的厨房里有一股很好的能量,我们学会了如何做新鲜的木瓜沙拉和酥脆的春卷。我们惊奇地发现,你需要买多少配料才能烹制这些美味的菜肴。但是像每一家好餐馆一样,你的配料越好,你得到的菜肴质量也就越好。幸运的是,我们可以在成都找到所有这些配料,无论是在超市,鱼市,还是在淘宝上。你还需要很多折叠技巧,才能做出完美的卷,或者手臂上有些肌肉来捣碎木瓜沙拉的配料。


乐盟家委会感谢Waan Crozier不仅为我们这次厨艺班授课,在之前的学年也一直在组织这样的活动。她和家人即将离开成都,家委会会赠送一份精美的礼物作为感谢的象征。当她和家人进行下一次旅行时,她会记得我们。感谢你Waan,谢谢你付出的时间,耐心,和家长们分享的高超的烹饪技巧。




下一次烘焙义卖将于ACAMIS Cross Country活动期间举行,日期是11月16-18日的周末。活动由乐盟主办,请到现场加入我们。

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