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    The expansive landscaped campus of Léman International School Chengdu is nestled amid lush fields and gardens at the foot of Chengdu’s hills.

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    Students will uncover talents, abilities and discover new interests and carry them throughout their lives.


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    Our experienced and talented team of professionals is a critical component of our success as a truly outstanding learning institution.


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    At Léman we believe the only measure that matters is that of your child’s academic and personal growth.


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    Léman International School Chengdu is the premier international school in southwestern China, serving students from Nursery through Year 13.


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LFA News

  • LFA Dec 05

This month the Léman Family Association has to say goodbye to two of our most outstanding volunteers: Fabienne and Lee Cher.

Over the past 3 years Lee Cher has volunteered in the LFA committee as a secretary.  Being a teacher in her hometown of Singapore, Lee Cher always had great ideas of how to improve the school culture and approach.  She has been one of the most important people amongst our LFA members.  The school administration and all of LFA appreciated the time she took to make her reports so clear and structured.  But, she did much more: helping out during Christmas, Halloween, and bake sales.  Her holistic, always optimistic mindset, and creative approach was an example for a lot of parents.  We would like to thank Lee Cher for all she did for LFA and the whole Léman International School.  We wish you and your family all the best in Singapore!!

For four years Fabienne has committed herself to helping Léman, the LFA, and the community.  She was the secretary of the Leman Family Association, made contributions as the welcome committee for new families, and spent extra time teaching English to Léman parents. She served as the president of the LFA and her expertise was crucial over the years.  Over the past year when Cindy Gonzalez took over as the LFA president, Fabienne stood by as coordinator.  Without her help would be a little lost! LFA and Léman members looked to Fabienne for her wisdom and experience.  She is a truly beloved member of the international and Léman community.  

Thank you for all you have done for the school, Fabienne!  We will miss you and your family and wish you well as you return to your hometown!!

With Fabienne leaving, Cindy has asked Cathy to be the new co-chair of the LFA.  Cathy graciously accepted.  We are so happy to have her continued support and help.  Thank you so much!!

The meeting record between LFA and school administratives on Dec 05 is linked here.

Upcoming Events:

Here is a look at our events to finish off this month and begin our new year in January.  More information to come!

·         December 7th – Art Auction Night

·         December 13th – Winter Concerts at Kempinski

·         December 14th – Half Day of school & start of Winter Break

·         January 7th – School resumes

·         January 8th – Start of Yoga and Dance (Jenny & Merry to do 21 classes of each on Tuesdays & Thursdays), price TBA

·         January 15th – New Family Orientation Day

·         January 18th – Bowling night with parents & staff

·         January 22nd – CISA Volleyball

·         January 24th – Flower arranging

·         January 25th – CNY celebration at Léman

这个月家委会要跟两个非常优秀的志愿者说再见了:Fabienne 和Lee Cher。

过去的三年Lee Cher自愿承担了家委会委员会秘书的工作。在她的家乡新加坡,Lee Cher是一名教师,她在如何推进学校文化事宜方面总是有些很好的点子。她是家委会里最重要的成员之一。学校管理层和所有家委会成员感谢她花大量时间把报告做的架构清晰,内容明了。但是,她不仅仅做了这些事,她还在圣诞节,万圣节,和义卖会上帮忙。她的全面性,总是乐观的心态,以及创新的思路都是很多家长的榜样。我们感谢她为家委会和整个乐盟所做的一切。祝愿你和你的家庭在新加坡一切安好! 

Fabienne四年来一直致力于帮助乐盟,家委会和社团。她曾担任家委会委员会的秘书,在迎接新家庭的欢迎会上做了大量贡献,并且花了很多额外的时间教乐盟的家长们英语。她曾担任家委会委员会的主席,多年来她的专业性至关重要。一年前当Cindy Gonzalez接手主席工作时,Fabienne承担了协调员的工作。如果没有她的帮助,我们会不知所措。家委会和乐盟的成员都能看到她的智慧和经验。她是一个值得国际社团和乐盟热爱的成员。感谢你为学校所做的一切,Fabienne!我们会想念你和你的家人,祝福你回到家乡一切顺利!




  • 12月7日 – 艺术品拍卖夜
  • 12月13日 – 冬季音乐会,凯宾斯基酒店
  • 12月14日 – 半天上学日,冬季假期开始
  • 1月7日 – 开学
  • 1月8日 – 瑜伽和舞蹈课程(Jenny & Merry每周二和周四上课,总共21节课),价格未知
  • 1月15日 – 新家庭说明会
  • 1月18日 – 家长和教职工保龄球之夜
  • 1月22日 – CISA排球赛
  • 1月24日 – 插花课
  • 1月25日 – 乐盟春节庆祝会

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