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What Our Students Say

We asked some students a few questions about PBIS. Find out what they think!

"I am proud to be part of this community" PBIS Student

Starting at PBIS

What can you remember about starting at PBIS?

“Everyone welcomed me and accepted me right away” 

“I immediately liked the school a lot and I could see that people were making friends and happy in the lessons.”

"Standing in the Reception with my mum, all alone, and then walking to class and seeing happy faces"

"The teachers were very friendly and helped me as much as possible"

“The first day at PBIS was very exciting, but I was also very afraid. But many students wanted to show me everything that is in PBIS, and it made my first day very good. When I wrote my first tests the teachers said I just need to try my best and not to worry about the grade. That was a very big surprise!”

“I just came in and thought I was in the school for a long time already.”

“The teachers are just so kind that everyone feels comfortable.”

This school is very family friendly and the students and teachers are very supportive when you need help PBIS Student

Atmosphere at PBIS

How would you describe the atmosphere at PBIS and why?

“Nice because it’s easy to make friends and most people try not to argue!”

“It’s friendly because pupils are being kind to each other.”

“Everyone is quite close, not because of space but also as friends, teachers and children too.”

“Kind and good for learning.” 

“We are one big family and sometimes we get along and sometimes we don’t but we always figure it out and have fun!”

“The atmosphere is very good at PBIS because students from other classes talk to each other, it’s not like that at my previous school.”

“The atmosphere is fun and friendly. A lot of people are nice to each other and to other people.”

"Lively, competitive, exciting, loud, welcoming, exquisite, divine, social, diverse, fun, giggly, free, progressive, creative, relevant, cohesive, calm."

"Friendly", "Fun", "Amazing"

“Joyful, colourful.”

"Very friendly environment, people supporting and caring about our problems"

PBIS has provided me with a great childhood and prepared me for a great adulthood! PBIS Student


What do you want to be doing in 10 years and how do you think PBIS will help you achieve that?

“I want to be lawyer, PBIS will help me achieve this through our IB choices and challenging lessons. It’s important that I am smart and self-aware for my future.”

“A top university. Going to different countries and speaking different languages. PBIS provides a good education, teaching in fun way and encouraging confidence.

“I’d like to study graphic design or architecture of some kind in England. I will need good English and great maths which I will have thanks to amazing teachers!”

“I’d like to study in England or another county, so PBIS helps me achieve this because I learned to speak fluently in English which is an international language.”

“I’ll hopefully be a lawyer or a business man and I will do business with my PBIS friends!”

“I want to work in programming so ICT will help me.”

“I want to be happy!”

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