english as an additional language

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Our expert English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers run group and one-to-one programmes that help our students to become fluent English learners.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At PBIS, we support our students to become fluent English speakers. We do this through personalised EAL programmes that engage, motivate, and inspire.

Children are either taught individually, in small groups, or supported in lessons. The type and amount of support depends on each child's age and their English proficiency.


Understanding your child's English needs

Children with little or no English are assessed by one of our EAL specialists – with the support of their class teacher and parents – to determine the type of help they'll need.

Every child sits an English entrance test as part of our admissions process. If your child is a native English speaker or has studied in an English-based learning environment (and reached the level needed for their age group), they'll join mainstream lessons straight away. If your child is from a different language background with limited or no English experience, they'll join our EAL programme.


The support we offer

Our EAL teachers will come up with a detailed plan, which we'll discuss with you and your child each term. You'll also receive a written report three times a year.

For students who don't need to attend our full EAL programme, we run lessons that will help them with their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and study skills. We also support them with their homework and assessments, as well as their preparation for tests and exams.

Our full EAL programme normally lasts up to one year. As well as English, students study maths, science, art, music, PE, ICT, drama, history, and geography. Students are tested in December, March, and June. Once they've hit the required level, they'll move into mainstream lessons.


Modern foreign languages

Our EAL students initially focus on English before studying other languages. Once your child is confident in English, however, they can choose to learn a new language. At Key Stage 3, we offer French, German, and Spanish.