Outstanding experiences

nurturing talents and passions
Extraordinary opportunities inspire our students to shine.

the joy of new experiences

Your child will discover a world beyond the classroom through our once-in-a-lifetime trips, more than 80 extra-curricular clubs, and exclusive collaborations with The Juilliard School, UNICEF, and MIT.

Every day, your child will do what they love, challenge themselves, and experience the excitement of new discoveries. Our outstanding teachers, coaches, and pastoral team will nurture their progress, cultivating new skills and supporting their passions.

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Our exclusive collaborations with UNICEF, MIT, and The Juilliard School enrich our students’ school experience in and beyond the classroom.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world leader in performing arts nurtures our students’ love of dance, drama, and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme develops our students’ problem-solving skills through real-world challenges that get them thinking outside the box.
Students are challenged to make a difference both locally and internationally, working together on the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.
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There really is an activity for everyone at PBIS. With more than 80 extra-curricular clubs, activities and enrichment programmes, your child will do what they love and take on new challenges.
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In our superb sports facilities, your child will get active, compete against friends and other schools, and enjoy an exceptional range of after-school activities.

There are so many benefits to sport. Physically, it encourages our students to be healthy. Mentally, sport develops resilience, teamwork, and communication skills. And socially, getting active brings students together, forming bonds over a common interest.

Outside of our PE curriculum, your child will choose from a myriad of extra-curricular clubs. These include football, swimming, athletics, forest running, badminton, Krav Maga, karate, table tennis, volleyball, and fitness boost. They’ll also compete in local and international tournaments.

All our students have access to our outstanding sports facilities, which include a multi-purpose sports court, running track and active fitness zone.

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Performing arts
Our world-leading performing arts programme – delivered in collaboration with The Juilliard School – puts our students in the spotlight.
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Performing arts

We encourage all our students to express their artistic side. Through our world-class performing arts programme, delivered in collaboration with The Juilliard School, your child will learn about different forms, cultures and styles of music, dance and drama.

Budding actors take to the stage in our state-of-the-art auditorium. Our dancers choreograph contemporary routines in bright and airy studios. And in our dedicated music rooms, both experienced musicians and those who want to learn a new instrument are taught by the very best.

Our creative after-school clubs offer a breadth of creative opportunities, too. Your child can join our jazz ensemble, sing in our senior choir, or try their hand at music production.

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Our STEAM programme challenges our students to think differently, solve real-world problems, and embrace their curiosity.
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In collaboration with MIT, our dynamic STEAM programme develops students who can think critically, work together, and challenge the norm.

Your child will do this in our state-of-the-art STEAM lab, where students roll-up their sleeves to tackle some of the toughest scientific, technological, and engineering challenges facing the world today. And on our STEAM collaboration days, your child will solve unique creative projects set by MIT professors.

Learning in this way – and at a university standard – develops curiosity, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Outdoor Education


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extraordinary trips and expeditions

A world of adventure awaits, thanks to life-changing expeditions and residential trips that create lasting memories.
Arusha, Tanzania
On our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania, your child will learn about the world around them and make a real difference in the community.
Arusha, Tanzania
Our citizenship expedition to Arusha, Tanzania, teaches students about global responsibility and sustainability, and the important role we play in looking after our planet. Working with local people on important projects, students increase their understanding of the world, become more independent, and learn the importance of being part of a community.
Les Martinets, Switzerland
Our personal challenge trip takes our students out of their comfort zone, developing their teamwork skills, encouraging them to take risks, and building confidence.
Les Martinets, Switzerland
The personal challenge expedition in Les Martinets, Switzerland, encourages students to push themselves to their limits. Set in the beautiful Swiss Alps, students hike through the mountains and take on a series of challenges. Students also learn important skills – like cooking and working together under pressure – while creating treasured memories that will stay with them forever.
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Local trips
There’s so much to see and do in and around our wonderful city. Your child will enjoy trips to museums and galleries, and explore the beautiful Czech forests and countryside.
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Local trips

From Year 2 onwards, all our students take part in residential programmes. With the support of their teachers, outdoor specialists, and our pastoral team, your child will enjoy activities that build their independence, confidence, and resilience. Your child will camp, hike, climb and get out on the water with their friends, learning about themselves and working with others.

We’re lucky to be located close to an amazing expanse of forest. Students spend time in nature and gain an appreciation for local and international environmental issues.



Your child’s safety and wellbeing are our number one priority.

Our highly qualified learning and pastoral team, which includes a counsellor and safeguarding experts, actively keep an eye on our students’ emotional and physical health. They’re here for any student who needs extra support, too. In a recent survey, 96% of our parents told us their child felt safe at our school.

We also run bespoke wellbeing and PSHCE programmes. These give our students the tools to look after themselves and others, form positive relationships, be adaptable, and develop resilience.

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At PBIS, our students engage with local issues, understand the challenges facing our planet, and think about how they can make the world a better place.

Our Student Council and Eco Committee lead the way on important school and environmental issues. Students also raise money for local charities, including Dignity Restoring Hope, which helps refugees settle into a new country. And through The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and IBDP Creativity, Activity and Service programme, our students make a practical difference in the community.

Your child will also drive global change through our collaboration with UNICEF. This includes our Model United Nations programme, UNICEF extra-curricular club, and the opportunity to influence world leaders at UN headquarters in New York.



Our supportive school community and outstanding facilities open up a world of opportunities, transforming your child’s learning experience.

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