Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Do you have a place for my child?
    We certainly hope so! The best thing to do is contact our admissions team. They’ll let you know whether we have places available now and give you an estimate of future availability.
  • Will my child need to sit an entrance exam?
    No, there isn’t an entrance exam. However, every student who joins us in Year 7 and above needs to either sit a language assessment (non-native English speakers) or a maths and literature assessment (native English speakers). Students who want to join our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Year 12 need to have passed their IGCSE exams (or equivalent).
  • Do you place a child according to their age?

    We place students in the appropriate year group according to their age, which is the same as the UK system. This means children aged five (before the academic year starts) join us in Year 1, children aged six join us in Year 2, and so on.

    Children enrolling on our Czech bilingual programme are expected to start in Year 1. This is the equivalent of a 'preparatory class' in the Czech system.

    If your child is joining us from a different educational system, we’ll make a recommendation based on the information you provide, including recent school reports. Decisions are based on what we believe to be in the best interests of each child.

  • My child doesn't speak much English. Will they be OK?
    Yes! Our expert English as an Additional Language (EAL) team will help your child. Each child is unique and our team will support them on their language journey, helping them to gain the confidence they need to access our curriculum.
  • We’re a Czech family with a primary-aged child. Is the Czech bilingual programme the best option for us? 
    There isn't a right or wrong answer to this question. All the children on our bilingual programme are Czech; however, there are also Czech students who follow our standard primary curriculum. It depends how you want your child to be educated. Our admissions team and Head of Primary can talk you through your choices.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Yes, we offer two scholarships through our partnership with Prague 12 District Council. Please get in touch with our admissions team to find out more.
  • Do you offer discounted fees?
    We offer a discount to families who enrol more than one child. This is 5% for your second child and 10% for your third and any subsequent children.
  • When and how do I buy school uniforms?
    Our admissions team will email you all the details once we’ve received your application. Your uniform and PE kit will be delivered within a few days of placing an order.
  • What size are your classes?
    Our early years children (ages 3-5) learn in an average class size of 16. At primary (ages 5-11), our students study in a class of 22. And at secondary level (11-18), the average class size is 16-20.

  • What nationalities are represented at your school?
    Our vibrant international community is home to children and families from more than 60 countries.
  • Where are your teachers from?
    All our outstanding teachers are from native English-speaking countries. The vast majority are from the UK; however, we also have staff from Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Our specialist language teachers are also native speakers.
  • Do you provide student accommodation?
    No, we don’t have accommodation or boarding facilities at PBIS.
  • Do you run a bus service?
    Yes, we provide a safe and efficient bus service. Please see our transport page for more information.
  • How should I prepare my child for their first day?
    Once your child’s place is confirmed, we’ll make sure they get a warm welcome. We’ll send you a link to our parent portal, which is home to all the practical information you need. If your child is starting at the beginning of the school year, we’ll invite you to an induction afternoon in the final week of the summer holidays. Whenever your child joins us, though, our teachers and pastoral team will quickly help them settle in.